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    Add Your Newer RV to Our Premium Rental Fleet

    Earn Rental Income in 3 Easy Steps

    Offset the cost of ownership by leveraging your Class A or Class C motorcoach to our private collection of chartered coaches. You can earn up to 12-15% of the original purchase price with about 10 weeks of rentals per year.  The best part is we handle everything including storage and maintenance! 

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    Getting started is easy

    Enter your coach into the Roadhouse fleet in 3 easy steps:

    Contact Us

    Reach out and tell us about your Class A motorcoach. Contact us with the link HERE to share the details of your RV.  

    Coach Authorization

    We will notify you once we evaluate your information and whether your coach qualifies to enter our fleet.

    Test Drive with Roadhouse

    Once you’ve decided to partner with Roadhouse, we will present you with a consignment contract that authorizes us to Store, Insure, Maintain, and Rent your RV for one calendar year.  Cancel anytime!

    Tell Us About Your Rig!

    Because we want every renter to have an exceptional experience renting from us, we can only bring contemporary RVs, less than 6 years old  into our fleet.  

    There are some exceptions to this so go ahead and reach out to us and let’s have a conversation. 

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      We manage the entire rental process:

      • Sourcing qualified renters
      • Travel Concierge Services
      • Renter’s Insurance
      • Renter’s safety briefing
      • Cleaning and maintenance
      • All financial details

      Your Questions Answered

      • Reserve your own RV as often as you’d like
      • We store and maintain your RV all year keeping it travel ready 24/7 at no cost to you.
      • We insure your vehicle with comprehensive coverage at all times while it is part of our rental fleet.  
      • Your funds are paid to you monthly, and we will provide a 1099 tax form at the end of the year detailing your total rental income.
      • As industry experts in premium RV rentals, we take into consideration every asset your coach contains such as bunks, entertainment systems, floorplan, and determine the rental value accordingly.

      Rental Client Management:

      • We find quality rental clients – Each prospective client is screened extensively to ensure they will be responsible stewards of your coach.
      • We handle all inquiries, bookings, and transaction details and confirm that insurance is in place prior to any rental.
      • We require a security deposit of $2,000  for every rental to ensure any issues upon return are handled quickly and without complaint.
      • Prospective renters must receive special approval for rentals periods longer than 20 days or 2000 miles.  
      • Most renters have previous experience driving RVs and are given a thorough safety briefing prior to departure.
      • Roadhouse Vacations provides 24/7 Roadside Assistance on all fleet vehicles so your investment is never far from a helping hand.
      •  We DO NOT allow tailgating, concerts, or festivals of any kind.  In fact, the majority of our renters are families.
      • As a security measure, all of our fleet vehicles are GPS tagged.

      Motorcoach Care

      • Every motorcoach in our fleet is immaculately cleaned, filled with fuel and water, and thoroughly inspected before and after each rental.
      • The renter commits to returning your coach in the same condition. If necessary, we will clean and refuel the coach and charge the renter for the cost.
      • No one will be allowed to smoke in your motorcoach, ever.
      • Roadhouse’s Certified Technicians will maintain a detailed service record for your vehicle and owners can request copies at any time.