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    Choosing the Vehicle for YOU

    Things to consider when selecting a rental are:
    1) How many adults do we need to sleep?
    2) How many seatbelts do we need?
    3) How many drivers, how far are you going, and how comfortable are they driving large vehicles?
    4) Campgrounds or Boondocking?
    Try selecting an RV based on these answers. Class A RVs are the top end of luxury with features to handle just about any situation, but frequently find themselves in large campgrounds. Class B RVs on the other hand are highly mobile and compact, which makes them ideal for small groups traveling long distances with frequent boondocking.
    Class A Luxury is like a house on wheels with a massive windshield and lots of windows for all passengers to enjoy the ride and interact while enroute.  Passengers can use the bathroom, take a nap, or make something to eat, all while safely parked at a rest stop of course.
    Class C RVs have all the comforts of home with the ease and familiarity of driving a full size truck.  These have many of the same features of a Class A in a slightly smaller more cost effective package.
    Class B RVs are small and compact, built for 2-3 people that want the intrepid experience.  These vans can go anywhere and are meant to be a conduit for the disconnected and unplugged vacation, with posh pillows and soft sheets of course.
    This Travel Trailer is big enough for the whole family and features beautiful salon, bunk room for the kids, and a separate master bedroom.